Polar Bear Defence Course

Polar Bear Defence Course

At BPE, we believe that the leaders work in partnership with us. As a leader for BPE you represent our company and our ethos, therefore we choose our leaders carefully based upon their skills and experience.

That said, we are always looking for people with the right calibre of skills and experience to be work at BPE.

We have basic requirements for anyone wanting to be a leader with us, but above all we value honesty, loyalty and a ‘can do’ attitude.

If you share our ethos, that the great outdoors are the perfect venue to develop skills and grow confidence then get in touch.

We hold one leader recruitment day per year, normally in February.

All leaders are recruited for one or all of the following programs.

The basic requirements are as follows:

Overseas Leaders: Hold a minimum of Mountain Leader Winter (Training) or International Mountain Leader (Training) and have led at least 5 Overseas School Expeditions.


Ellsworth Mountains

Duke of Edinburgh: Hold a minimum of Mountain Leader Summer and be an Accredited D of E Assessor.

DofE Canoeing

DofE Canoeing

NCS: Hold a range of NGB Awards in land, water and rock based mediums.

School Overseas

Overseas Training

If you would like the opportunity to lead for BPE then do contact us from our Contact Us page.