BPE offers expeditions to the country or continent of your choice.

We run several types of trips, for schools we offer The Adventure, The Classic & The Expedition… For adults we offer STEM, the Fuch’s Foundation and our Polar trips. All of our trips are bespoke and organised in consultation with you. We work on a small team basis, where everybody involved knows who to talk to and who does what.


Where in the world??

School Trips

‘The Adventure’ trips are aimed at groups who are looking for a trip with minimal fuss, they can be between one and four weeks long, with a variety of parts. Examples include one week of trekking in a chosen destination, one week of canoeing etc.


All boots should look this well used…

The Classic’ follows the tried and tested route of travelling to a far off destination, where your team can experience a trip with all of the elements that have made overseas travel such a success. The trips can include a project, such as working with the local communities or even a science project, a trek through the mountains, jungle or desert, a fun bit of R+R and of course a large amount of both personal skills and emotional development as well as a strong team ethos.

Trips are usually two, three or four weeks long and include an experienced leader and a training schedule.

Africa kids

Uganda Project Work

‘The Expedition’.  – Frontier Exploration or Self Sufficient trip

These trips focus on building personal strength and a strong team ethos whilst also journeying through a chosen landscape.

Frontier Trips: The aim of these trips are to push the boundaries of adventure travel trips for school groups. Visiting truly new destinations that school groups have not been to before, examples would include, Everest North Col, Baffin Island, exploratory journeys into Greenland, Kamchatna, the list is endless…

Self Sufficient Trips: Groups are trained throughout the lead up period to become self sufficient, as once on their journey, they are then ‘on their own’.

Support is offered remotely, i.e. a very experienced leadership team will work closely with the group to help them to develop the necessary skills to live and pass safely through the Expedition. Some elements of support will travel with the group to the chosen destination and will be on hand should they be required to help out.

The trip can be a week or a month, it’s down to what you want to take on.

Norway trekking

Climb up to the top!

Fuch’s Foundation

BPE is the expedition provider for The Fuchs Foundation.


Sir Vivian Fuchs

A charity that was relaunched in 2005 to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Sir Vivian Fuchs’ Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition.

We provide science based fieldwork expeditions in polar regions for adults.

Since 2007 BPE has run three major Fuchs expeditions for teachers; two to the Antarctic and one to the Arctic. From 2014 to 2018 we are looking to run trips to remote parts of Eastern Greenland, undertaking many forms of scientific studies.


BPE runs science fieldwork expeditions for teachers in partnership with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network).

This one week CPD expedition has been designed to give participants the opportunity to conduct a STEM subject field work project in a remote environment and experience a different approach to practical activities.

Polar Expeditions

BPE historically has always carried out a polar expedition programme, either in the Arctic or Antarctic. These expeditions have sometimes been ground breaking and have either been sport based expeditions, such as walking to the south pole, or scientific based expeditions.


Greenland Icecap Crossing

Be the First

These are expeditions that have never been attempted previously. BPE has a history of developing and promoting adventure travel to uncharted regions taking school groups to new heights. If you have an idea for a trip and need help to research and set it up, we’re here to help.


Crampons and Boots around the World

Our Ethos

BPE run a select number of overseas trips every year with schools and organisations so that we can concentrate on a quality experience. We always aim to do our best to make sure that you have an amazing trip!

Each expedition can involve up to an 18 month build-up process that includes regular discussions about developments of the trip and a training schedule that is specific to the trip needs. We endeavour to work with you and to develop a mutual level of respect and confidence, with the end result being a successful trip for all.

Jumping group

Slovenia Happiness

Key Points about our Expeditions

  • Leaders are allocated from the very beginning
  • A minimum of 2 training weekends
  • Group ownership of expedition
  • Website updates from the field
  • All trips are run to British Standard 8848

The expedition build-up, training, execution and post expedition can incorporate the following the Duke of Edinburgh Award


  • BPE staff will work alongside the school and students to raise the funds which in turn build partnerships with the community and local businesses.

If you would like to know more or have further questions, just get in touch