Polar Expeditions

BPE historically has always carried out a polar expedition programme, either in the Arctic or Antarctic. These expeditions have sometimes been groundbreaking and have either been sport based expeditions, such as walking to the south pole, or scientific based expeditions.

Snow Drifts in Antarctica

Snow Drifts in Antarctica

Polar expeditions that focus on a particular goal such as walking/skiing to one of the Poles or a crossing of an icecap.

BPE can facilitate expeditions to both North and South Poles and also Greenland Icecap crossings. We can provide a full package of training, logistics and guiding.

Antarctica: Man hauling Trip

Expeditions with the following goals can be supported:


  • South Pole expeditions.
  • Antarctic Continent crossings expeditions.
  • Queen Maud Land expeditions.
  • Mountaineering expeditions.


  • North Geographic Pole.
  • Magnetic North Pole.
  • Ellesmere Island/Baffin Island and Svalbard Expeditions.


  • Icecap Crossings, man haul or dog assisted. Various crossing options.
Svalbard Science Projects

Svalbard Science Projects