Be the first to go there!

There are some expedition journeys and even destinations that so far schools have not ventured to.

Due to our expedition heritage we are offering unique expedition experiences for schools that want to do something truly unique.

We’ve run trips to so many remote parts of the world, that we have a list of endless possibilities and the experience to manage all those logistics for you.


Greenland Islands Traverse

Typical examples are the following:

  • Greenland Icecap Crossing
  • Everest North Col
  • Magnetic North Pole
  • Baffin Island Tour

There are many many more, those are just a few ideas. Our vision is to push the boundaries of school expeditions.


Bolivia, Endless vistas

If you have an idea for an expedition that you want to do; then give us a call or if you would like to know more or have further questions, just get in touch….