The Adventure

Have a good old fashioned ‘Adventure’

East Coast Greenland

Happy Days in Greenland

BPE knows the value of just getting out of your usual environment and visiting new places and meeting new people.

As a person we grow and we adapt as our circumstances change around us, our ability to think and to reason is developed as we move through life. There is nothing that helps a person to grow more than a challenge, this is the aim with our ‘Adventure’ trips.

These trips are aimed at people who want to travel and see the sights of the world but do not want the hassle of doing all the research and planning before hand.

sirimon descent

Mount Kenya

We have a huge wealth of experience when it comes to planning trips to all corners of the world, climb a snowy peak in Morocco, visit a remote part of the Himalayas, a trip to the ruins in Peru…

These trips include all the elements you ask for, an experienced leader, the flights, the accommodation, the activities, the transport and the security of a solid back up system for those moments in life where things don’t go quite to plan. Any trip can be as long as you like, from a week onwards, you tell us…

Trips we have planned previously include:

Turkey – A war memorial visit to Galipoli. A truly interactive history lesson

Morocco – A winter ascent of Toubkal, visiting a completely different culture only a short hop away.

Sossuflae Dunes BPE

Namibian Dunes

Iceland – Trekking through the volcanoes with a spa at the end

Greenland – Wild camping and travelling through this amazing landscape


Greenland Trekking

Japan – Visit Mount Fuji and experience a truly Eastern culture

Ladakh – Trek & climb a big peak in the Himalaya

EBL 2010 123

Pumori, Everest Region

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