The Classic

The ‘Classic’ expedition is a trip that incorporates several elements into it, traditionally it has had a trekking phase, a project phase, and R+R phase and in some cases a sightseeing part to it, they are usually 4 weeks long but that has been changing in recent years to two or three weeks.

BPE Namibia

Namibia School Project

Over time, it has been very well proven that Overseas Expeditions raise the awareness, abilities and skill ranges of the participants who go on them. This type of trip has been the foundation in that development process. It remains a mainstay of the overseas world and long may that continue!

At BPE we offer trips that suit your needs, you tell us where you want to visit, what kind of project you want to undertake and how long you want to go for, we then try our very best to match those requests and turn them into a trip for you. If you need help with ideas, we have a wealth of experience to call upon as well as contacts around the world.

Training in the Peak District

In the last few years we have arranged trips all over the world, in places likes Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Japan and Namibia to name just a few.

Our projects have included teaching English to help locals develop tourism in their area and thus provide and income, building projects where the teams have built new shower and toilet blocks for schools in developing countries. The list goes on…

We have schools that we work with year on year who work with existing charities for the benefit of all of the people involved. Our aim is to make any project beneficial to both the local community and the group on the trip.

Sea Kayaking

Once the hard work is done it’s time for some fun, so we can include a period of time where the group get to just relax, this can include a safari, a rafting day, a sightseeing trip or just a lazy time on the beach…

These trips have endless potential to develop individual skills and confidence, as well as broaden the horizons of any person who takes part in them.

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