The Expedition

The idea is simple, go on an ‘Expedition’.

Frontier Trips: If there is a truly wild and remote part of the world your school wants to visit, we can help.


South Pole

We’ve taken groups into the wilds of Greenland, the grasslands of Kyrgyzstan, the snowy wastes of Svalbard in the last few years. Our list of destinations grows year on year as we investigate new ideas and talk to other people to get their ideas.



These trips build lasting memories and develop students in ways that a ‘normal’ trip never does…

Remote Supervision: The aim of these trips is to develop both an individual and a team.

The groups who take up this challenge embark upon a life changing event, they will emerge from the end of this journey as stronger and more competent people, with a range of skills and a mental capacity that will come back to help them throughout their lives.

The process to achieve this is much more complicated, the teams will plan their trip from the start, choosing the destination, the aim of the trip and the end result.

Team planning

To achieve this, BPE will teach the participants the skills necessary to complete the Expedition in a safe, yet fun way. This is  a very ‘hands on’ process, where the learning is both practical and theoretical. It will also include the legal and safety requirements that are involved in running a trip in the UK.

EVT 2011 425

Phortse, Everest region, Nepal

The team will have a dedicated trainer/leader assigned to them, someone with huge levels of experience and of course qualifications relevant to the groups chosen ‘Expedition’. There will also be other professionals stepping in where necessary to build up the knowledge required to go it alone in the wilds.

Volcano in Nicaragua

Volcano in Nicaragua

As a safety net, the team trainer and one other person will be on hand in country to back up and help out if required. Along side the 24 hour back that BPE have in place for all of their Overseas trips.

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